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2024 Greenbelt Station 2nd Annual Property Inspection Notice

2024 Greenbelt Station 2nd Annual Property Inspection Notice

2024 Greenbelt Station 2nd Annual Property Inspection Notice

The community’s governing documents and architectural design standards are designed to maintain Greenbelt Station’s curb appeal. During Greenbelt Station’s Annual Property inspection, we at CAMP have a single purpose: to maintain or increase your property value. Simply put, aesthetics matter. A neighborhood that looks good has higher resale values!

All townhomes and condominiums in Greenbelt Station will be inspected. Homes requiring maintenance will receive notification via USPS mail.

Inspection Schedule:

Wednesday, 5/8/24: Phase I and Phase II
Tuesday, 5/14/24: Phase II & Phase III

Some items our inspector will be looking for:
• Exterior: missing shutters, decayed wood, mold/mildew, loose cables, damaged or missing components, and other general maintenance items.

• Front walkways in need of thorough cleaning. The example below shows a front porch with mold areas that need removal.

• The presence of weeds and dead plants in flower beds and weed growth between rocks and mulch by the driveways. Refer to the example below of weeds requiring removal.

• Overgrown shrubs and trees encroaching on sidewalks and pathways or obstructing windows and entrances. Refer to the example below of bushes in need of trimming.

• Improper placement of trash cans on non-collection days.
Remember, the association’s rules dictate that trash and recycling bins must be stored in garages on non-collection days. Consider acquiring smaller containers for better garage fit; for Picasso & Matisse garages (Condominiums), a 65- or 35-gallon trash/recycling bin is recommended. Our trash vendor will remove old trash containers.

Let’s continue working together to “Keep Greenbelt Station Beautiful” by taking a few minutes to look at our homes and ensuring maintenance concerns are noted and addressed.