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Community Information

Important Numbers and Community Contacts

If you have questions or would like further information about our community, contact us directly-we’re easy to reach.

CAMP (Community Association Management Professionals)
Property Manager: Rosana Gilmore, GREENHOA@CiraMail.com
Portfolio Manager: Leslie Benitez, lbenitez@gocampmgmt.com
CAMP Principal: Susan Blackburn, sblackburn@gocampmgmt.com
Phone: 571-363-4045

Management Office:
209 West Street, Ste. 302
Annapolis, MD 21401
Fax: 571-363-4050

CAMP Emergency After Hours/Customer Service: 855-477-2267
Email: greenhoa@ciramail.com

Board Meeting Location

The Board currently meets quarterly via Zoom at 7:00pm. Please refer to the Events Calendar for exact dates.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings vary. Scheduled committee meetings can be found on the Events Calendar. If you’re interested in joining a committee, please click here to fill out the Contact form.

Renting Your Property

If your unit is a rental property, or soon to become one, here are few tips that will help landlords, tenants, and the Association.   

  • Get Your License – The City of Greenbelt requires owners who intend to rent their property to obtain a rental license. This must be renewed annually, and an inspection of the property is required.  Attached is the license application. <Link to City document>
  • Educate Prospective Tenants – Be sure to inform prospective tenants about the special considerations of living in a homeowner’s association before they sign a lease.
    • Use a Lease Addendum – It is recommended that you attach an addendum to your lease that covers the specifics of the community and requires rents to adhere to the association’s rules. A good lease addendum should include:
      A requirement that the tenant to obey the bylaws, rules and regulations of the Association. (Provide tenant with copies)
    • A requirement that the tenant pay fines for association rule violations.
    • It is the homeowner responsibility to provide the parking rules and your tenant with the 2 parking permits assigned to the property. Otherwise, replacement cost will apply.
  • Inform the Association – Once your lease is signed, provide a copy to the Community Manager at GREENHOA@CiraMail.com or mail to CAMP, 209 West Street, Suite 302, Annapolis MD, 21401. Additionally, contact information for your tenant, property manager and your mailing information should be provided as well.

Snow Information

The HOA is responsible for shoveling the public walkways and the lead walks for the Condominiums. Townhome owners are responsible for removing snow from the walkway to their front doors, and all residents are responsible for removing snow from their driveways. The Public Roads in the Association, as designated by the City of Greenbelt, are Rock Quarry, Greenbelt Station Parkway, North Center Drive, South Center Drive, and Stream Bank Lane. If there is a problem concerning road conditions, advise the Public Works Department at 301-474-8004. If you lose power or see downed power lines, report immediately to your utility company — Pepco: (1877) 737-2662, BGE: (1877) 778-2222.

The Association is responsible for snow removal operations from:
Davis Point Lane
North Channel Drive
Sable Court
Settling Pond Lane
South Channel Drive
Smith’s Cove Lane
Miner Street
All Alleyways

Towing and Recovery

Noncomplying vehicles of the Association’s Parking Policy are subject to towing without further notice. Owners, residents and their guests have a duty to comply with Greenbelt Station Master Association’s Parking Policy. Please click here for more details. 

If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Fast Lane Towing at 301-420-4012. Fast Lane’s lot is located at 14610 Old Gunpowder Rd., Laurel, MD 20707. Vehicle owners will be responsible for any fees incurred.

Trash/Recycling/Bulk Items

Trash is collected on Mondays and Thursday and Recycling is collected on Thursday between 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Trash and Recycling containers are not permitted in public view except on the evening before trash day and the day of trash collection. Homeowners are responsible for Trash/Recycling bin replacements. Bulk trash is collected on the first Monday of each month and is limited to five items per household.

Below are examples of Bulk items that are NOT acceptable:

  • Automobiles or auto parts
  • Chemical and/or petroleum cleanup waste
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Fencing/sheds/gazebos
  • Hazardous and bio-hazardous medical waste
  • Liquids, including paint, sewage and septic waste
  • Radioactive material
  • Shingles, roofing materials
  • Skids and pallets
  • Soil, rocks, grubbing material and spoil
  • Stumps and logs
  • Windows
  • Wood (unless it is a piece of furniture)

The Associations trash vendor, uses the County’s guidelines for bulk trash collection, which you can find here: Acceptable/Non-Acceptable Bulk items – PG.

For more information on Community Compost Program, Electronic Recycling, Fluorescent light bulb recycling, paint, donation drop off and more, please visit the City of Greenbelt website.