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Holiday Safety Tips by the Greenbelt Police Department

Holiday Safety Tips by the Greenbelt Police Department

Holiday Safety Tips by the Greenbelt Police Department

It is the Holiday season. Everybody will be shopping; visiting family and friends, and we at the Greenbelt Police Department want you to SAFELY enjoy the upcoming Holidays.

We tend to get distracted during this time of year. It’s very hectic at the malls, and everyone seems to be in a hurry…DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN…Unfortunately, criminals will use your distraction and your haste to take advantage of you and your property.

The following are a few safety tips we hope will make your Holiday a safe one:

  • Shopping: Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Don’t approach your vehicle alone if you see someone you believe to be a suspicious person.
  • Be aware of con games this time of year (People wanting to share ‘found’ money, selling merchandise out of their vehicles, etc.).
  • Park in a well-lighted space, lock your door
  • Don’t make your vehicle a display case for thieves by putting your merchandise in plain view…PUT YOUR SHOPPING BAGS AND PACKAGES IN THE TRUNK/OUT OF SIGHT


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