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Parking Rule Reminders

Parking Rule Reminders

Parking Rule Reminders

As we approach the Easter Holiday, I wanted to remind everyone of the association’s parking rules.

Vehicles need a valid parking permit to park on private streets.

  • PRIVATE STREETS (need a valid parking permit to park):
    Davis Point Lane, North Channel Drive, Sable Court, Settling Pond Lane, South Channel Drive, Smith’s Cove Lane, and Miner Street
  • PUBLIC STREETS (no parking permit needed):
    Greenbelt Station Pkwy, Stream Bank Lane, North Center Dr., South Center Dr.
  • PARKING PERMITS:​ All Owners were issued two (2) parking permits per residence. The current permits are green and white in color and state “GBS Resident Parking Permit.” Any parking permit that has 2017 printed on it is no longer valid, and vehicles displaying these permits are subject to towing.
    Replacement permits are available for $10.00 each. Please contact Management for more information.

Towing will be enforced 24/7 in “No Parking” zones (indicated by stenciled curbs and posted “No Parking” signs) and all designated Fire lanes.

No parking is permitted on any alleyway and is subject to immediate towing 24/7.

Vehicles parked on parking pads or driveways must be fully parked on the pads and driveways. No portion of the vehicle can be hanging into the alley or otherwise obstruct ingress or egress through the alley or to other lots. Cars not parked entirely on the pad are subject to immediate towing.

Please remember that, per the Association’s Declaration, “All Owners and occupants of Dwelling Units that contain a driveway pad and/or garage shall utilize the driveway pad and/or garage appurtenant to their Dwelling Unit for parking.”

If your vehicle is towed, please contact Fast Lane Towing at 301-420-4012.